Project Details

Hackital @ Washington D.C.
Fall 2017
Team: Pranav Wadhwa, Hugo Burbelo, Liam Rathke, Kevin Liang
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The Problem

Many of our friends complain about the unreasonable prices ($5-7 delivery cost) of services like UberEats and GrubHub. It seemed unnecessary to have to pay such high costs for a small delivery, and we set out to solve this problem.

Our Solution

We created a scalable, low-cost program that uses drones to provide virtually zero-cost shipping options for major stores. This drone is not only more profitable, but also more reliable and has a faster shipping time.

The Product

I implemented our sophisticated design into Xcode and created an app that communicated to the drones via Firebase. Within the app, users can search through a database of convenience items and make their orders directly from the app. The app then sends orders to the drone via Firebase, and the drone autonomously files to the destination, notifying the app about its location.

FlyBuy Display.png


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