Project Details

Freelance app for Gerta Malaj
Team: Pranav Wadhwa
Time frame: 05/18 – 10/18
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The Problem

Decisions play a huge role in our everyday lives – from what we chose to eat for lunch to where we decide to move to, we make roughly 35,000 decisions a day! However, despite all these choices to pick from, most of us are unaware about the biases and blind spots that affect each decision. We need something to help us make the right decisions.

Our Solution

Gerta Malaj came up with the idea for Delfi, a mobile app that guides you through a detailed decision making process and gives you specific feedback about potential faults in your choices. Using leading research in Behavioral Sciences, the process helps people make better, smarter decisions.

The Product

As a freelance developer, I was tasked to design, develop, and publish the app. I paid close attention to details that would allow for a smooth decision making experience and successfully implemented the information from Gerta’s research. We finally published Delfi in October, 2018, and we’re excited to see the impact the app makes in people’s lives.

Delfi Display


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