Project Details

HooHacks 2019 @ University of Virginia
Team: Pranav Wadhwa, Megan Dass, Rahul Gundamraj
YouTube Demo

The Problem

Our team found a common problem in the car buying experience – it’s too long and boring – and we found that most Americans agree with us. We all want to spend more time looking at the car rather than having to negotiate prices with the car dealership sales people for hours on end.

Our Solution

We decided to create an app where people don’t have to go through this time-consuming process, focusing on creating a better user experience than one from a car dealership. We also chose to integrate augmented reality to provide the user with an immersive car buying experience.

The Product

I worked tirelessly on the user interface and the app development as my teammates gathered data and created detailed financial information for the user. After 24 hours, Car Flex was complete.

Car Flex Display